A natural and effective way way to reduce bacteria

Reduces the use of Chlorine and Bromine

Extends life of the Spa and its components

Less chemicals to store and use

Spa has less harsh odors and  your water looks and feels better

Makes Owning your spa easy and eliminates daily maintenance

Lasts up to four months



Compatible with Ozone Generators, UV Sanitizers, and Salt Generators. Simply drop the Elemantal Squared Purifier in your skimmer, filter basket, or near water flow for best results



- Balance your spa water according to manufacturer's spcification

- Once a week add 1 oz of stain and scale remover per 250 gallons of water

- Once a week add 2 oz (4 tablespoons) Oxidizer Shock per 250 gallons of water

- After each use add 1 Tablespoon of Oxidizer Shock per person, per 250 gallons of water

- Every four months replace the Elemental Squared Purifier

- If your water is cloudy you can shock it with 1 teaspoon of dichlor chlorine granules

Elemental Squared Mineral Cartridge