Reduces the use of Chlorine and Bromine

It's compatible with an ozinator

Makes water feel and look better

Spa has less harsh odors

Makes maintianing your spa easy

Lasts for four months



Put unit in the skimmer basket of your spa


Instructions For Use:

Balance your spa water according to manufacturer's specifications

Once a week add 2 oz of scale defense per 500 gallons of water

Install Nature's Choice in the skimmer basket

Once a week add 2 oz (4 Tablespoons) Oxidizer Shock per 250 Gallons of water

After each use add 1 Tablesppon of Oxidizer Shock per person , per 250 gallons of water

Every four months replace the Nature's Choice purifier, drain, clean, and refill your spa

If your water is cloudy you can shock it with 1 tsp of cholrine granules

Nature's Choice Spa Mineral Stick