Hydrotherapy is the use of water to perform exercises that aid in discomfort and overall well being. With so many different approaches to pain relief and restorative practices, the benefits of hydrotherapy utilize the body’s natural response to temperature change and help it to find relief from discomfort.

Along with other benefits, we’ll go over 6 benefits of hydrotherapy. As cold water can be used for stimulation, increase in your internal body’s activity. Warm, or hot water can be used to promote relaxation, as well as sooth the body and slow it down. 

Submerging your body in both temperatures for multiple treatments can truly lead to healing of injuries, increase of body function and relief from inflammation.

Whether you want to try hydrotherapy for every day aches and pains, or have other severe conditions you’re searching for relief from, submerging your body in a hot tub regularly is known to show great benefit. As almost a therapeutic investment, a hot tub and hydrotherapy can truly improve your life. Let us explain how!

1. Relieves Pressure on Joints and Muscles

Though exercising regularly has so many benefits on your health, including relief from chronic pain. As it can build muscle, strength and be a great outlet for stress. 

However, exercise can also cause pain and inflammation in the body. Reducing overall function in those with pain and ultimately causing a halt in exercising at all. This directly leads to their body becoming weaker over time. Which in turn, lowers confidence and causes other negative effects.

Hydrotherapy is something that can help people ease back into exercise. As it helps to build strength in a more safe and secure environment. 

This because when you’re in the water, you almost feel weightless. Therefore the body is being impacted by less strain and stress on your limbs. Which allows joints and muscles to move more seamlessly, opposed to the stress forced onto them outside of water.

Also, hydrotherapy starts the release of the body’s natural endorphins. Which can also be a natural source of pain relief. Further relieving muscle and joint pressure, or pain.

2. Rehabilitates Injured Muscles

Submerging your body in warm, or hot water will obviously raise the body’s temperature. Which increases blood flow in your circulatory system, in turn helping to relieve pain. 

This is because improved circulation improves the amount of oxygen, speeding the healing process of any injured tissue in the body. Almost acting as a natural rehabilitant to injured muscles, or joints.

Alongside helping in bone and joint trouble, hydrotherapy can improve pain in a lot of places. For example, a common issue for people is back pain. Swimming is something that works the back muscles consistently, at a rhythm that doesn’t cause wear and tear to something that’s already beat up.

Overall improving your body’s conditioning and how it builds muscle with a minimum impact.

3. Boosts The Immune System

The body has main organs of elimination. These include the:

  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Lymphatic System
  • Skin
  • Colon

Performing hydrotherapy daily can help to naturally support all of these paths, which in turn reduces toxins and metabolic waste. Also, it can help to activate the immune system.

This works because by changing the temperature of water, you’re making the vessels pump to support the lymphatic system. Which is needed to move infections out of the body.

Hydrotherapy can increase white blood cell circulation in the body, which allows the immune system fluid to get rid of the unwanted material from the body. Then moving it through and almost cleansing us, by doing it efficiently.

Along with the immune boosting benefits of exercise, it also allows the body to have a greater hold over contracting common colds and viruses.

4. Encourages Detoxification

Having a busy life can lead to poor choices in diet. Which can also lead to increased levels of stress, causing sometimes physical strain. All of these things have a negative effect on the human body.

This is why it’s important for the body to detox every once in a while.

Hydrotherapy benefits the body by giving it a chance to detox. When you immerse in warm water, it raises body temperature and causes natural perspiration.

The body’s pores will open up, the blood vessels become diluted and blood is sent to the skin, which is where the red complexion comes from. This whole process allows the body to naturally get rid of toxins through its pores.

5. Reduces Stress & Improves Sleep

Another benefit of hydrotherapy is the warm temperature that triggers endorphins in the body to promote relaxation. This helps to relieve stress and anxiety you may be feeling.

Getting to soak in a hot tub every night before bed can help induce sleep. By increasing the body temperature and cooling down your core, it’s a natural way to relax. Increasing circulation through the heat of the water promotes relaxation and relieves stress. 

Hydrotherapy is a great option versus relying on sleep aids, or other medications to sleep well every night.

Being an adult is stressful and can cause daily problems with anxiety and sleep. Partaking in hydrotherapy can greatly benefit those problems. 

Whether it be through water exercise, taking a cold shower, or soaking in a hot tub, stress can be washed away before bed. Water can become a natural source for your stress relief. 

When you have an outlet to free yourself from stress, you can be on the right path to becoming the best version of yourself. Increasing happiness can easily be done by relieving stress with hydrotherapy.

6. Promotes Weight Loss

An important factor in losing weight is having good circulation. Hydrotherapy can be a huge benefit to those looking to lose weight, as it helps to improve circulation in the body. A medical technique, hydrotherapy uses water to relieve any musculoskeletal or neuro conditions.

Using a hot tub regularly can help the body’s circulation improve, get rid of toxins and lose some unwanted pounds. It may also help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

This is because soaking in a hot tub can simulate exercise. As hydrotherapy dilates blood vessels, the circulation is triggered to improve and relax the muscles all at the same time.

Also, the heat from being in the hot tub will raise your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and create the perfect environment for your body to have circulation.

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