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Backyard Masters offers above-ground pools, semi in-ground and in-ground swimming pools from the BEST manufacturers in the world!

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Above Ground Pools

With over 20,000 above ground pools installed, Backyard Masters can help you choose an above ground pool that will make you return to your backyard to enjoy BBQs and time in the sun. Backyard Masters is proud to offer above ground pool options from Doughboy, the leading name in above ground pools.

Semi-In Ground Pools

Semi-in ground pools combine benefits of both above ground and in-ground swimming pools. They are aesthetically more pleasing than above ground pools as you can add features such as decking or pavers to create the appearance of an in-ground pool but still have a lower cost to build and maintain.

The Stealth Semi-In Ground Pool can be sunken partially or it can be almost entirely submerged into the ground. This makes it perfect for backyards with a slope and it all it takes is some simple decking or stonework to completely hide the walls of the pool.

In-Ground Pools

Choosing an in-ground pool can be overwhelming, but we take the guesswork out of the selection process. Our experienced team members can help you pick out the perfect in-ground pool for your backyard upgrade. The entire experience revolves around what you want and need, and we work diligently to exceed your expectations.

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Backyard Masters offers competitive financing options through HFS Financial and Wells Fargo.

We can personalize your loan for each individual purchasing pools, spas, outdoor furniture, masonry work, outdoor kitchen components, gazebos, pergolas and so much more!