The events of the last few years have caused more Long Island, NY residents to focus on their health and well being. While many of us focus on our diets and make commitments to exercise more, additions to the daily routine to relax and de-stress are often overlooked. While many activities such as walking or yoga can bring these benefits, few are as relaxing as getting into a hot tub. And you don’t have to travel further than your backyard for a good soak in a hot tub!

Around 4.6% of US households now have a hot tub in their backyard and the number is growing. If you’re one of this 4.6%, it’s a great idea to use it every day, as it provides a multitude of health benefits. If not, why not learn a few facts about how using a hot tub for just 20 minutes each day can provide a welcome health boost?

A Good Soak Boosts Your Cardiovascular System

According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease kills someone every 34 seconds in the US, making it the number one killer in the country. Everyone knows that a good diet and regular exercise are the best ways to boost your cardiovascular health, but if illness or injury stop your exercise routine, you need a little extra help. Well, your hot tub can help with that. Soaking in the warm water with the jets on your skin opens up the surface blood vessels, reducing your blood pressure and giving your heart and lungs a much-needed boost. The pressure of water on the body also makes your heart work a little harder, equivalent to some light exercise.

Reduce Stress in Your Hot Tub

Life for Long Island, NY residents is stressful, with crowds of people and busy traffic everywhere. Added to this are the daily stresses of work, family life, paying the bills and raising kids, so it’s important to make some stress-free time a regular part of your schedule. Not dealing with stress can lead to physical and mental health issues that can affect your quality of life, and that of your family, for the long-term. Luckily, spending 20 minutes in your hot tub each day can really help with this. The warm water and the soothing action of the jets as they massage your skin have a soothing, therapeutic effect. And spending 20 minutes away from your problems is sure to have a positive effect, too!

Get Refreshed and Energized With an Early Morning Dip

Although most people like to take their hot tub soak in the evening, there’s a lot to be said for an early morning dip. The increased blood flow you get as the water pressure makes your heart work harder loosens up your muscles, getting you refreshed and ready for the day ahead. If you’re the sort of person who likes to get in an early morning workout, it’s also a great way to ensure your muscles aren’t too tight and cramped.

Get Better Sleep With a Hot Tub

When asked, only 35% of Americans said that their last night’s sleep was good. And when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’re left feeling sluggish and unable to perform the day’s tasks to the best of your ability. So, how can a hot tub help? Many studies have shown that passively warming the body before sleep helps combat insomnia and a hot tub is one of the most effective ways to passively heat your body. A minimum of 15 minutes in the hot tub around an hour and a half before you go to bed is a great way to ensure you get a restful night, leaving you ready to face the day in the morning.

Get in Touch With the Long Island, NY Hot Tub Experts

If the health benefits from using a hot tub we’ve talked about have got you excited to make it a regular part of your day, that’s fantastic! However, if you don’t own a hot tub yet, you’re probably wondering about how to get a quality hot tub installed in your backyard at a good price. Fortunately, Backyard Masters are experts in the supply and installation of the best hot tubs you’ll find in Long Island, NY. So contact us today for a free estimate.

Photo by BlendJet on Unsplash