If you’re thinking about adding a new swimming pool to your backyard, there’s quite a few options to choose from. Adding a pool is a big change, that takes up a lot of your free space. It’s important to know when you should buy a semi-inground pool, or when another option might be better for you.

You’ll have to take several things into account when choosing. When deciding on what type of pool you can install, your current backyard can affect that decision. 

At Backyard Masters, we want to help you decide when you should buy a semi-inground pool. As well as go through other available choices.

Who Should Have a Semi-Inground Pool?

When deciding when you should buy a semi-inground pool, you might want to go over some of the outlying circumstances that could affect your decision.

What are these circumstances? Maybe your backyard’s current layout could make creating your dream pool design difficult, or not even possible.

A lot of people love the look of half-out pools, or sunken pools. They have more dynamic designs and definitely catch the consumers eye.

At the end of the day, almost everyone has the possibility of getting a semi-inground pool.

How? By digging down only about half the way of a normal fully inground pool. The sides are then built to the correct height.

Another plus about choosing a semi-inground pool, is the variety of design options you’ve uncovered with the part of the pool still showing.

This design can be built to match your existing yards overall feel and totally enhance the way your backyard looks. With that in mind, your yard might already be a great option for buying a semi-inground pool compared to others.

In some situations, a semi-inground pool might be the best option for the customer. Backyard Masters will further explain how.

How a Yard Influences Your Pool Design

When deciding if you should buy a semi-inground pool, so many factors can help determine that decision.

From the composition of your yard’s soil, the measurements of your land and other things. These all have influence on determining the kind of pool your yard would support. Some others include:

  • How hard it is to dig in the soil
  • The amount of rainfall in your area
  • If you have enough room to build what you’re wanting

Some may think that larger yards are the only size capable of supporting a wide and deep swimming pool. They might be surprised to know that small yards too, can hold gorgeous and deep pools as well.

Sometimes the multi-layered, semi-inground pool design is the only option for a yard. People can take the best care of their space, but at the end of the day the natural elements are what ultimately make the decision for them.

Yards and Semi-Inground Pools

If your yard has a largely noticeable grade, then a semi-inground pool is probably perfect for you.

Those who live on any sort of hill, even a slight slope, the installation of an all in-ground pool probably isn’t possible. This is due to the fact that an inground pool needs a completely flat yard to be structured properly.

The top of the pool has to be evenly laid with the natural ground. This helps to prevent things like dirt and debris from falling into the pool after rain, or other harsh weathers.

So, for all of the yards with natural hills and slopes, how can you achieve the pool of your dreams? Is the natural way of your yard going to keep you from living the life you’ve always wanted?

We can confidently say that, NO! Your yards layout doesn’t have to hold you back from enjoying your own personal pool. That’s where the amazing semi-inground pool design comes to play. 

You won’t have to deal with leveling your yard, or doing major cosmetic work to the base. With semi-inground construction, their reinforced walls beautifully level out the lower side of your yard. They will come level with the deck and, amazingly, be perfectly level!

Building a Semi-Inground Pool Around Rocks

When thinking of building a pool in your backyard, another obstacle you may be weary of are possible objects in the way of proper digging for the hole.

Inground pools can only become the size of the hole that was able to be dug out. Making a full-sized pool hard to achieve with a naturally rocky soil. Digging through rocks isn’t always an easy, or doable task.

It could be layers of rock underneath the soil, or just a widespread layout of large rocks. Both making it difficult and time consuming as well. Which means more expenses spent in the construction of your pool!

Those who have naturally soft and spacious backyard elements will definitely have an easier way through the process of installing an in-ground pool. All while those with rock filled soil below their yard’s surface now have a great alternative!

They can choose to buy a semi-inground pool. No need to dig through all the debris to try and make the pool size you’re hoping for. To install a semi-inground pool, you don’t have to dig so deep into possibly rugged terrain.

Unlike in-ground pools, semi-inground pools are less intense diggin wise. Though that can definitely look different depending on each yard. Some might be easier than others to dig through. 

If you’re trying to install a pool in your backyard, but are finding a lot of obstacles, a semi-inground pool may just be the perfect solution to both a less expensive and faster option.

Looking Below the Pool’s Surface

When looking at the yard’s of some homes, not all of them own the rights to the full depth of the soil. A good example is in older cities, where they have some infrastructure below the soil, such as: pipes, tunnels, or cables.

This creates a limitation on the depth you might be wanting for a pool. We want to give our customers options and with a semi-inground pool, you don’t have to completely give up the hope for an inground pool. 

Some don’t like the look of a fully above ground pool. Semi-inground gives our clients a similar look they’re wanting, all while making the best decision they can for their yard. 

In order to see how deep your pool can safely be dug, calculate the requirements and a semi-inground pool can meet your needs and the safety needs at the same time. The beautiful surrounding deck is just a plus!

A perfect option for someone looking to add a new feature to their yard, but they don’t like the way an above ground pool sticks out. The semi-inground creates a seamless accent to your yard.

Choosing Your Perfect Multi-Level Design

Another great thing about semi-inground pools are their ability to transform any type of landscape you may have. Creating a brand new, multi-level design for each customer’s wishes.

Semi-inground pools are a perfect option for a design with, say a low yard, but a higher deck. Creating a new seating area for guests surrounding the pool. Not only that, but if you choose to also include a hot tub as well, the tiered design looks even more amazing!

When designing a semi-inground pool, the design possibilities are endless. Each yard has their own natural and unique shape. There’s no need to form your existing yard’s shape to install a pool. 

Semi-inground pools totally change the way you look at your yard, or even add to an already beautiful one.

More About When You Should Buy a Semi-Inground Pool

For those who may have rocky, steep, or currently landscaped backyards, buying a semi-inground pool may be the last step towards making your own backyard oasis.

To hear more about what we do here at Backyard Masters, or find out more about when you should buy a semi-inground pool, contact us today!

We’d love to help you decide the best option for you and your yard. Our team is eager to get you the backyard of your dreams!


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