With the new year, comes the goals from many to improve their overall health and Backyard Masters is here to help you achieve that by teaching you how to exercise in a swim spa!

No matter your current fitness level, or any other defining factors, a swim spa can create a new and innovative way for you to achieve those new fitness goals for the year.

Gyms can be crowded and with a swim spa you can take control of your new fitness routine right from your home. Allowing you to take part in a full-body workout whenever you need and crush your health goals. 

At Backyard Masters, we really want to help customers take that next step towards health with a new swim spa.

Why a Swim Spa?

A swim spa is full of water, which is known to sooth, relax and heal the body. In a natural environment, it’s the perfect place to perform exercises for pain relief. 

Performing hydrotherapy in a swim spa is a really well known method for rehabilitation. Those with leg injuries truly benefit from it.

The reason it’s so beneficial to exercise in water is because of the physical properties it holds.

These reasons make water the perfect medium for effective exercise:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Resistance

Having a swim spa in your home is the easiest and most effective way to perform these exercises for your health.

With all of that said, you need to know how to exercise in a swim spa correctly in order to reap its benefits. Let’s get started!

Ways to Exercise in a Swim Spa

Though swim spas are larger and can be more pricey than a regular above ground hot tub, they are still a less expensive and smaller option than a swimming pool. 

Also, the water in a swim spa is heated. Making it the perfect comfort level for exercise. 

Following are several ways how to exercise in a swim spa:

Relax Yourself

Immersing your body into warm water can be very relaxing. Just soaking and coming to a rest in your swim spa after a long day is amazing.

If some days you don’t perform any exercises past this, that’s okay! At least the tension you’ve built up during the day can come to ease. You’ll help your body relax and have a great start to a good and peaceful night’s sleep.

Have the Correct Current

When exercising in the swim spa, you should have the jets inside of it adjusted to the correct current. It should be strong enough for you to swim against it for extended periods. The current also needs to be at least as fast as the speed you’re swimming. 

This customized current speed should provide you with the perfect amount of resistance for your swim spa workout.

Perform Strength Exercises

A good option for building strength and toning muscles are resistance training bands. The bands can be attached to rowing bars, or used to add resistance when pushing against the current of the swim spa.

Performing these strength exercises with resistance bands strengthens the:

  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Core

Use Weights

Using free weights while exercising in a swim spa creates a little more challenge for you. You can even put on some ankle weights to help shape your leg and glute muscles. 

Also, there’s buoyancy cuffs which help vary your workout by adding some resistance without using weights.

Walk and/or Run

While in your swim spa, you can both walk against the current and walk with it. That is similar to walking up and down a hill. When you push against the current, then go the other direction it creates the perfect leg workout from two dimensions.

Also, there’s buoyancy belts made from foam that can help you tone the abdominal muscles and your lower back. Which helps correct poor posture as well.

Utilize Exercise Equipment

When exercising in the swim spa, you can bring objects, or exercise equipment and use them for new exercises. Allowing your upper body to build more strength over time. 

Other equipment you may use could be a kick board for more leg endurance, dumbbells (make sure they’re rubber coated, not metal to avoid damage), or even kettlebells.

Using various equipment helps create new ways to strengthen your body and build endurance.

Stretch Before and After

The swim spa has warm water, which naturally relaxes the body. After you’ve relaxed for a bit, be sure to stretch. This part should never be skipped! It ensures you to less likely injure yourself while exercising.

You should always stretch all muscles before any type of exercise.

Also, after your workout, you should always do a warm-down stretch as well. This can include things like yoga or pilates moves that help the body cool down after a workout.

Benefits of Exercising in a Swim Spa

Swim spas are designed with your health in mind, by combining the therapeutic perks of a hot tub with an aquatic exercise system. With adjustable swim jets, you can completely customize the resistance within your workout routine.

Transform your backyard into your own personal gym with a new swim spa and discover the benefits of moving your workout routine into the water.

Benefits of Exercising in a Swim Spa:

  • Low-Impact on your bones and joints
  • Stay cool while breaking a sweat
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Improves Endurance 
  • Promotes good circulation 
  • And much more!

Our swim spa experts are not personal trainers, but we do want to inspire you to maximize your spa to its fullest potential. You can use your swim spa to help fulfill your New Year’s fitness resolutions this year!

Start to Exercise in a Swim Spa Today!

Swim, jog, walk, and exercise in water without the stress gravity has on your body.

Relax with massaging spa jets in the perfect water temperature, year-round. This alternative to a pool has benefits for you and your entire family.

Now that you know how to exercise in a swim spa and with so many to choose from, contact Backyard Masters today!