Have you ever wondered how to fix your spa pH level in Farmingdale NY? Filling up a hot tub with water and reaping maximum benefits are the simple joys of life, but making the most out of your hot tub doesn’t come easy. You need to ensure that in order to preserve the benefits of the hot tub, maintaining the pH and alkalinity level is highly crucial so that your hot tub remains safe for many years to come. 

Managing the pH value is one of the most important factors for your spa because this ensures the acidic or basic levels are well maintained. If that is not the case, you are risking your hot tub equipment such as spa heater element, pump seals and internal surfaces, and inviting problems that can cause eye or skin irritation.

We at Backyard Masters, a spa pH level help in Farmingdale, NY, understand that it is not an easy job to ensure that your spa is always well maintained because you are chasing your test strips to reach the perfect level of pH, but soon it becomes a highly daunting task. We are here to provide top-notch equipment and a considerable collection of jets that are highly therapeutic and will enable you to enjoy your hot tub to the fullest for a long time. 

You may think that the levels of chlorine and hardness are sitting right well, but the disturbing pH value can add to the tension instead of enjoying your hot tub. You might think that it is a huge liability that requires constant maintenance, but in reality, it is the most rewarding investment you can have to rejuvenate. 

What is an ideal pH value?

spa pH level help in Farmingdale NY

The ideal pH value range anywhere between 7.2 to 7.8. Anything higher or lower than this is going to create many issues with the equipment and not to mention bathers. This pH level ensures that chlorine in the water is working efficiently, but you still need to use test strips regularly so that you can enjoy your spa regularly.

There is an emphasis on maintaining the pH levels because proper water chemistry will be able to keep your hot tub clean, and other chemicals will be able to perform their job well because f the pH level even sores to 8. The effectiveness of chlorine will drain down to almost 15%. 

What Does Low pH Level and High pH Level Mean in Your Spa?

If the pH level of your spa is lower than expected, it could mean that the pool is acidic. This could lead to the deterioration of your hot tub’s exterior and other components like filters as well as water pumps, heaters and many more. If your pH is low, it can affect your ability to manage the alkalinity levels of your entire pool, and the bathers can also experience discomfort, including eye or skin irritation, because acidic water strips natural oils of the skin. 

The main reason for a pH value to get so low is from the addition of excessive pH reducers, which you added in the hope to reduce your hot tub’s pH. Another factor that can contribute to this is using a local water source with a low pH. If people take a bath in the hot tub, there is a 100% possibility of sweat, body oils, lotions, or even sunscreen getting absorbed into the water. The contaminants can affect the pH of the water and cause it to decrease. 

There are a few ways in which you can improve the level of pH in the water, and the easiest of them all is:

  • For example, by adding more freshwater, the water that comes via a garden pipe contains greater alkalinity that can raise your pH. You have to be sure to determine the quantity of water inside your spa to ensure that you can add the right amount and not play a game of adding or subtracting the water level.

A pH of high levels means that the water you use is “basic” and, if not taken care of in time, it will begin to scale up on your pipes, jets and filters, as well as other parts. Scaled water can also put an additional strain on your equipment since it decreases the water’s circulation and increases pressure, causing a big hole in your pockets.

There are two causes of reasons why your water’s pH could be elevated, and they are

  • If you mistakenly apply too much pH enhancer when trying to fix the low pH
  • The water source you live in may naturally have more than normal pH levels. 

To lower the pH of your tub, two chemical compounds are widely employed, including dry acid and muriatic acid. While they deliver similar results, they should be applied in different ways to ensure that the compounds demonstrate exactly what is expected out of them.

What Mistakes To Avoid When Adding Chemicals To The Hot Tub

With spa pH level help in Farmingdale, NY, you can make judicious decisions of how to deal with the pH as well as the alkalinity levels of your spa, but there are a few mistakes that can happen when you are trying hard to balance the level, let us see what they are:

  • Using Low-Quality Chemicals For Your Hot Tub: In a bid to save a few bucks, you can think of using chemicals that are of cheap quality, there is nothing wrong with the fact that you want to save money, but you need to understand the bigger picture. Investing in cheaper brands will worsen the conditions of your tubs and the equipment, causing a lot of financial strain and taking away the joy of simply enjoying your hot tub.
  • Take The Covers Off: Yes, you heard it right, there are a few or rather the majority of people who add chemicals to their hot tub and immediately put the covers back on. This option will never reap good results; hence it is advisable to put covers back on after at least 20 minutes of adding the chemicals. Chemicals are added in the pool to defend water against bacteria, viruses, algae, and various other contaminants. To churn maximum outputs, take the cover off. 
  • Test Priorly

Having kits to check the alkalinity and pH levels every now and then is critical so that the matter does not get out of hand. Alkalinity and pH balancers ensure that you have a very comfortable experience in the pool. Although the entire balancing act can be overwhelming, you can always have spa pH level help in Farmingdale, NY, to manage the hassle. 

Why Is Maintaining Alkalinity Important?

spa pH level help in Farmingdale NY

Total Alkalinity (TA) is the track of dissolved alkaline substances in water, and it is crucial to maintain its level to control pH. Before looking for the ideal pH value, you should be able to balance the Total Alkalinity, and the total range should be anywhere between 80 to 120 parts per million (ppm).

Let us see what the factors that cause high alkalinity and how you can test it with spa pH level help in Farmingdale, NY, like Backyard Masters are:

  • The causes of high alkaline levels include body oil buildup in the tub, such as lotions or sweat, bacteria, and the addition of too many chemicals in the water. But the hardness of the water supply also accounts for the high alkaline levels.
  • If you wish to test the alkalinity in your hot tub, you can always dip the test strips to quickly assess the total alkalinity and sanitiser levels in the water. With this, you will get guidance on chemical adjustments, and you regularly need to determine the hot tub water through the strips so that the water is always healthy and clean. 

How spa pH level help in Farmingdale, NY Can Be Of Help?

As a first-time homeowner of a hot tub, it can be challenging to grasp all the different procedures and steps to keep an eye on your water and maintain it. If you’re having trouble understanding something, ask spa pH level help in Farmingdale, NY, like Backyard Masters, and they will be willing to assist you.

With the support of Backyard Masters, you will always be able to find spa pH level help in Farmingdale, NY, and your problems of high or low pH value are at bay. Our professionals will make your backyard a wonderful yet cozy space where you can take the load off your shoulders and unravel a new experience of comfort.