A pool deck is the hardscaped area around a swimming pool. On average, most pool decks are made from concrete material. However, in today’s time picking a pool deck material for your new pool has more options than ever.

From pool decking tile, to an abundance of other materials available to choose from. Our customers at Backyard Masters can personally enhance their pool decking and completely transform the overall image of their pool.

Not only that, but it also creates a more functional space for your overall backyard. Below we’ll go over common options for picking a pool deck material. Guiding you to the perfect choice for your beautiful new frame around your pool.

Tips on Picking a Pool Deck Material

When picking a pool deck material, it’s appearance shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. 

The one you pick should also go through the following considerations:

  • Picking a safe material that isn’t slippery when wet.
  • The decking material you choose shouldn’t be course, or uneven.
  • Contemplate whether a heat-reflective material would be something you might want. If you live somewhere hot it can help to keep the deck material cool. 
  • Take into consideration the other paved and hardscape areas in your yard. You’ll want a material that blends in well.
  • Picking a material that’s resistant to chemicals, mold, mildew, algae, etc. is a great idea.
  • Contemplate whether safety features should be a part of your new pool deck. Like fencing, or gates.

Some of the more popular pool deck material options that you should read over are listed below.


As stated before, concrete is very popular as a pool deck material. It comes in a variety of different color options and can be designed in many different ways. With a clean and neat finished look, a concrete pool deck material is also safe and simple.


Another common pool deck material is brick. This could be because it’s super durable and also really easy to maintain over time.

Brick can also transform pool decks with it’s broad spectrum of color options. However, an important thing to consider is the way brick can grow moss after a while. Not always, but if it does your pool deck can quickly become dangerous.

When moss gets wet, it can become slippery and create a high risk zone for people falling on your pool deck. So, if you do choose brick be mindful of the possibility of moss growth and how to properly maintain it.


Pool decking tile probably has one of the widest varieties available. With options to pick just one, or even multiple to fit your design dreams. 

Though, do consider that we suggest picking pool deck tile that is made from non-slippery material and can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

Such as water-impervious porcelain, or vitreous tiles. These are a safe option to ensure your pool deck doesn’t turn into a danger zone.


Looking for a pool deck material that’s more natural and elite looking? Using stone is not only both of those things, but the texture is great and slip resistant.

Also, stone pool decks can truly enhance the look of your backyard area and personalize your landscape. With so many types available though, the cost does vary quite a bit. Depending on which one the customer wants, the overall cost could add up.

Commonly used stone materials for pool decks are usually flat. Such as:

  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Quartzite
  • Granite


Having pavers as a pool deck material definitely creates a more different look. They’re also big in variety: from different colors, sizes and shapes. 

Commonly used material for forming that paved pool deck are usually stone and concrete together. This is a little raise above just plain concrete pool decks for customers who are wanting an extra touch.

Pavers are still clean and simple, with a little bit of extra detail.


Synthetic turf is a great alternative to grass, for those who live in dryer regions. Not only does it influence a more fresh landscape, but it can go right with your backyards turf. 

There’s a lot of options to choose from when choosing a pool deck material. At Backyard Masters, we recommend you simply look over your existing space. Go over which colors, textures and themes are already in place.

Matching your pool deck material to what you see will create the most seamless and beautiful outcome.

What to Look for When Picking a Pool Deck Material

When picking your pool deck material, you should go over the following questions:

  • Does it go with your current yard’s aesthetic?
  • Does the material get hot in the sun?
  • Will it get slippery when wet?
  • Will it hurt to walk on?

Appearance and Pool Deck Materials

When picking a pool deck material, it shouldn’t be something that’s hard for you to look at. 

All types of pool deck materials have their own look and feels about them.

Meaning that if you have a specific design in mind for your pool, you should definitely pick a material that’s going to complement that design you have a hope for. 

Your backyard alone, including your pool and pool deck are a long term decision that should take a lot of consideration. A lot of people will pick a cheaper option at the time, then for years to come regret not going with the design they wanted. Budget is important, but an outcome that you’re happy with is also important.

Pro tip: if you prefer an upgraded material but can’t swing the budget now, start with a small, sufficient patio upfront. You can always add on in the future. Mixing patio materials in this case is usually a great option, as it makes the addition less conspicuous.

Picking a Pool Deck Material with Backyard Masters

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