When it comes to picking a pool liner, there are many options. With multiple colors and patterns, it’s a big decision. Your pool liner completely transforms the overall look of your outdoor pool.

To help make your decision, we’ll go over our tips and tricks, as well as the common options available when picking your pool liner. With our experience at Backyard Masters, we can help you decide which one is right for you and help personalize the appearance of your new pool.

Below we’ll go over what you need to know when picking a pool liner with Backyard Masters!

Picking a Pool Liner Color 

When picking a pool liner, the color is probably one of the most important factors that will alter the appearance of your new pool. We recommend this be your first step in the process. 

Depending on which look you’re going for, from beachy to modern, there’s so many choices. A lot of clients may already have a preference from darker colors to lighter. We want to help you select the perfect color for your pool.

A pool liner ultimately affects how your pool’s color looks, though there are other things to keep in mind when you’re picking a pool liner. 

For the best example, think of your pool as an ocean. The ocean looks blue from the sky reflecting back into it, similar to a mirror. 

The ocean is the best example because the depth of your pool will affect how the color is perceived as well. The more shallow, the more clear the water looks and you can see the color of the bottom itself. 

Just like the ocean, a pool has clear water, but the color comes from the pool liner. Even when the water becomes more deep, it may seem that you can no longer see the bottom, but it’s really just the color of the pool liner keeping the same blue look.

The color you choose for a pool liner will be the total color of your pool. Even when you get to the deep ends of the pool, the color will only become deeper and only the patterns will seem to fade.

The Surrounding Area

Not only does the pool liner color affect your pool, but also the area surrounding it. Things like natural light, or landscaping can affect it as well. 

Even the weather outside can change the color of your pool. With days full of sun making it seem much brighter and cloudy days darkening the overall color of it. The same goes for any large surrounding objects that can cast a shadow, like trees or structures.

These are a lot of questions that should be asked when picking a pool liner color:

  • Are those shadows only there sometimes, or majority of the time? 
  • How much sunlight is reflecting onto your pool at all times? 
  • Does your pool lie in the shade, or receive minimal sunlight during the day?

These questions, along with others are things to take into account. They’re what may lead you to pick a brighter color if you have a lot of shade, or a darker color if you want to create more depth during bright days,

From light blue, to deeper blue, aqua to bright blue, there’s main color profiles when it comes to pool liners. Each with their own pros and cons. It’s a good idea to think over the factors of them all before choosing which one you’d like for your new pool. Let’s go over them all! 

Deep Blue 

A darker blue pool liner is a great option if you’re looking for a way to help warm your pool. As the darker hue helps sunlight absorption and helps to naturally warm it if needed.

Though, because the sunlight is absorbed more easily that means more chlorine and UV damage over time. Those both can cause fading at a quicker rate than a lighter pool liner. 

The pool liner if vinyl will not fade completely, but may bleach itself over time. Deep blue liners seem to hold their color longer, even though you will still see tone changes.

Another plus side to a darker pool liner is the fact that dirt and debris won’t stand out as much. 

Light Blue

If you choose a liner with a lighter blue color, the fading won’t be as much of an issue. As it will attract less sunlight and without being darker, it won’t show as much fading from UV damage or bleach.

On the other hand, liners of a lighter color do show dirt and debris a little more and may need to be cleaned more often.

This color is popular due to the minimal damage appearance and holding up of color over time.


Choosing an aqua pool liner is growing in popularity. As the appearance of pools is commonly known to be bright blue. 

Picking more subtle, sandstone liners can also enhance your pools appearance to look aqua in color, making it more a modern laid back look.

If you do choose to get a aqua pool liner, we recommend pairing it with grey/cement accents. Such as the steps, skimmers, or even rock fixtures.

Vivid Blue 

Vivid blue lies a little more dark than light blue or aqua, but actually appears more bright when in direct sunlight. Which allows it to give off a more vibrant appearance, making your pool a huge focal point when looking at your yard.

If the blue is brighter, most people think it looks more appealing and it can also match almost any form of backyard landscaping theme. As well as any colors of furniture you choose to put around your new pool.

This is a very common pool liner being picked today and new pool owners are usually aiming for an outcome similar to vivid blue liners.

If this breakdown of pool liner colors hasn’t quite helped you narrow down your choices yet, we recommend visiting some of our past builds on our website for inspiration.

Next, we’ll go over picking a pool pattern.

Picking a Pool Liner Pattern

After you’ve finished picking a pool liner, you’re now to the next step. Which is picking a pool liner pattern. With a lot of different choices around, it can get overwhelming. From more natural looks, to marble, or even ceramic. Let’s get started.

At Backyard Masters, we try to offer something that everyone is looking for in a new pool. With different patterns, we’re sure we have exactly what you have in mind!

From inground pools, to above ground pools, even semi-inground pools. The design you pick will transform your backyard completely.

For example, if you have an existing deck or patio, you’ll want to choose something that either matches or complements those current features. So, it all really depends on what you’re looking for and what you currently have.

Choosing the right pattern for your pool liner can really make or break your space. By either enhancing the yard, or creating too much of a distraction from your already beautiful space.

There are pool liners that don’t have tiles in the pattern, but if there’s a liner with a tile pattern you love, then you shouldn’t settle for less! Make that upgrade.

Picking a Pool Liner Texture

Lastly, the texture of your pool liner not only changes the appearance of your new pool, but it can also affect the experience of being inside it.

For example, if you choose vinyl over steps, texture can provide more grip on the pool bottom. This is a great choice for high traffic areas, like steps, or the shallow end. Ensuring you and your guests don’t slip, or fall on your way into your nice pool.

Textures are also considered an upgrade, but they create a safer environment in your new pool.

There are even liners that have texture to cover not just the steps, but the whole pool. Textures can have grout lines, tiled patterns, or feel like a rough/sandy surface underneath your feet.

Pick Your Pool Liner With Backyard Masters

Picking a pool liner when designing your new pool with Backyard Masters can feel overwhelming, but we want to help make that process for you much easier!

Taking the guesswork out of the selection process. Use our experienced teams knowledge to make the final decision when picking a pool liner for your new backyard amenity. 

Your experience should be everything you want, but also need. We won’t let you down. 

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