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Backyard Masters looks forward to helping you with your pool opening and/or closing. We first need to know a little about you and your pool needs, this way we can service you as best as possible. Please fill out the following fields and a service representative will be in touch with you promptly.


Above Ground Opening $250
Stealth / Inground Opening $350

Above Ground Closing $225
Stealth / Inground Closing $325

*These are labor rates and do not include supplies, covers, etc.

If you purchase an opening and closing together save $75 for Inground/Stealth or save $50 for Above Ground

*prices may vary by location or address

Schedule Pool Opening or Closing
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The cost defined herein for all pool opening and closing related services are subject to change at the sole discretion of Backyard Masters. In the event the nature of the service falls outside of what is defined herein or for swimming pools that are larger in size, have multiple pumps/filters, have water features, spa features, requires additional chemicals or require additional cleaning and manpower and/or additional onsite time outside of what Backyard Masters normally includes with a standard pool opening or closing service, Backyard Masters reserves the right to adjust the price based on current rates to perform required work. A typical opening or closing service is defined as a two person team that can perform an opening or closing service in 60 minutes or less of onsite time. The typical swimming pool is generally constructed with a single pump and filter and does not include any water features or spa features. Please note there is a difference in above ground and an inground pool closing; an on-ground pool is same as the above ground pool closing.

If you feel that the nature of your swimming pool may be subject to additional charges, please contact Backyard Masters’ Service Department at (631) 250 2537 to discuss this further. Backyard Masters strongly suggests contacting the Service Department first in order to be provided with an accurate quote on the desired package based on the swimming pool features in the event it falls outside the pricing defined herein.