Spas in Long Island, NY

Create your own backyard oasis with a spa to fit your lifestyle.

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Backyard Masters offers a variety of hot tubs from the best spa manufacturers in the world. From luxury to hydrotherapy, wellness and relaxation let our staff of factory trained professionals guide you to the perfect purchase. We have 40+ years of experience purchasing the highest quality in water purification, muscle relaxation and energy efficiency at affordable prices. Visit our showroom today to invest in the perfect hot tub for you and your family.

Hot Tubs

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With brands from Artesian, Wellis and Bahama, we can help you create the perfect backyard for your family.

Fully customize your hot tub with lights, jets, colors and more! Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact us for more information!

Swim Spas

Swim Spas are great for relaxation or family fun. A pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one! Have all the benefits of a full size pool with less cost, less space and less maintenance. It meets the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and those wanting an alternative to a traditional swimming pool for fun and relaxation.

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