When people are looking to purchase a hot tub, one of the deciding factors is the amount of maintenance it will require them to keep up on. The thing is, that when it comes to taking care of your new hot tub, the maintenance isn’t as bad as one might assume.

Not knowing what goes into the proper maintenance of having a hot tub might keep someone from ever getting one. When in reality, the maintenance is minimal! Though all steps towards taking care of your new hot tub are equally important. They’re all worth the time spent to enjoy those relaxing memories that will be spent in the future, full of warm soaks and good times.

At Backyard Masters, we recommend creating a regular schedule to stay on top of taking care of your new hot tub. That way you’ll never miss an important maintenance session. After spending your money on your new hot tub, we want to make sure you help preserve it! So, we’ve helped make a perfect guide on how to properly take care of your new hot tub.

Taking Care of Your New Hot Tub Daily

Owning a hot tub requires small maintenance here and there. It’s important to know things like, letting your water go untouched for too long isn’t good for it. Taking the time daily to circulate your hot tub water is a good idea!

This can be done by turning on the hot tub for even a few minutes during the day, even if you’re not planning to use it. This is so the water inside can go through the filter in the hot tub. 

Some hot tub models even have their own automatic cycle that ensures the hot tub is on for around 15-20 minutes, two times a day. Tubs that don’t already have this done automatically will need to be turned on to get the water moving.

The more times you make a point to circulate your hot tub’s water, the more clean it will be. Ensuring your hot tub is always clean and ready to use when you want to hop in and relax.

Taking Care of Your New Hot Tub Weekly

Now, when it comes to weekly maintenance for your hot tub, there’s a couple things we recommend you take time to do.

You should test your hot tub’s water. This is to make sure the PH levels are where they should be. It’s a simple task and you can complete it by sticking a small water test strip into the hot tub. The packaging for these strips have easy instructions and can help you know how to balance the water chemistry if needed.

If you keep up with tests weekly, the less likely you will have to take the time to balance the PH levels if they’re off. 

Also, you should really set aside even just five minutes every week to do a light cleaning of your hot tub and it’s shell. 

Whether your hot tub is indoors, or outdoors, it can accrue scum, or dirt build up. If you do a quick scrub once a week, you can keep it clean and free to use at all times. With outdoor hot tubs, you might have to do things like clean off any leaves, or debris that have snuck into your hot tub. 

The more often you get dirt and debris out of your hot tub, the less tedious the task will be each time.

Taking Care of Your New Hot Tub Monthly

Now, when cleaning your hot tub on a monthly basis, this is the time you should clean the jets and filters. 

All hot tubs can have different varieties of filters and amount of jets to clean, but 5 or so is average. You can clean the filters by simply removing them and quickly spraying them off. 

After that, you should take the time to scrub the jets in the hot tub. You can do this by simply rubbing them with a rag, or sponge even during your weekly cleaning. Then deep clean the cover and shell of your hot tub to make sure it’s always ready for use.

Since you lightly clean all of the items weekly, you only need to periodically deep clean them. Like say you rinse the cover every now and then, preventing scum or mildew from developing and only having to deep clean it when needed.

Quarterly Care for Your New Hot Tub

Finally, let’s go over deeper hot tub maintenance that needs to be done quarterly. Say, every few months there’s a couple things you need to do in order for your hot tub to be sanitary and well preserved.

Since you wipe down the filters and jets monthly, the jets will still need to be deep cleaned quarterly.

This can be done by having the hot tub turned on while putting in a cleaning solution. This can include a mixture of vinegar, dishwashing soap, and even bleach. That’s if you don’t have a pre made cleaning solution for hot tubs.

After you add it to the water, you should turn the hot tub on and allow the jets to run for a while. When this is complete, you’ll need to empty the hot tub of that water and then fill it with fresh water.

If you replace your hot tub’s water every couple months you’re ensuring it’s always clean and sanitized for you and your guests. 

Along with this, replacing your filters and cartridge should also be done a few times a year. Though most brands of those products will let you know how often each one should be replaced on average.

If you do all of these things every 3-6 months, you’ll make sure you’re properly taking care of your new hot tub.

You should never wait a full year to replace your hot tub’s water.

Ensuring Your Hot Tubs Lifespan With Backyard Masters

Hot tubs will normally have a lifespan of about 10 years. Cheaper options may last only around 5, while more pricey hot tubs can last up to 20 years.

Committing to complete the maintenance and taking care of your new hot tub will help ensure that your hot tub lasts a long time!

At Backyard Masters, we hope that your hot tub lives a full life to your expectations. Taking care of your new hot tub is the best way to make sure of this!