Hot tubs are a fantastic means of relaxing and enjoyable for everyone around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying your brand-new tub to ease tension in your muscles or to unwind from your day. You should ensure you’re using the right stuff after researching chemicals for my hot tub in Farmington NY the first time you use it to make sure you are safe for yourself along with your household.

Backyard masters would recommend those substances you’ll need to begin your hot tub include pH enhancers, pH decrease hardness, metal removal (if you are using water tanks or from bore), and the Sanitiser. The chemicals need to be applied in a specific order to allow the process to function. You should aim to keep your pH within 7.4 between 7.4 and 7.6, and your alkalinity range between 100 to 200 parts for every million.

If you’ve just bought an all-new hot tub, it is likely that you’re ecstatic about the purchase and are determined to do all you can to ensure it’s enjoyable and safe for your family and guests. Read on to discover the precise methods, chemicals, and suggestions for which chemicals work best in your hot spa.

The Hot Tub Before Starting It

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It is also essential to thoroughly clean all parts of the hot tub exposed to water before pouring chemicals into it in the beginning. Use soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaners to clean the cover and shell in the hot tub. Be sure to thoroughly rinse to minimize foaming.

Calcium Hardness:

Calcium Hardness refers to the sum of calcium and magnesium dissolved in the hot bathtub. The measurement of calcium hardness will let you know the amount of calcium is in the water. This step is crucial since lower calcium levels may cause damage and deterioration in your spa. So, it is essential to increase the calcium hardness before beginning your hot tub to ensure that it is at the recommended level. The level of hardness for calcium needed for hot tubs is 15 to 400 parts for every million.

Spa Metal Removal:

Metals are usually present when you’re using rain or bore water to fill up your hot spa. When starting with your first hot tub, it’s recommended to employ a metal removal product to neutralize the water before adding any other chemicals. The best method would be the Fresh Start Clean Screen filter, which is attached to your tub’s hose when you fill your tub. Be aware that this step isn’t necessary if you use water provided by the council.

Chemicals To Put In When Starting Your New Hot Tub

chemicals for my hot tub in farmington ny

Before you put in any type of chemical, the initial step is to fill up your bathtub with water. After filling up your tub, you should test the levels of chemicals. The various hot tubs are available in a variety of dimensions and brands. The number of chemicals for my hot tub in Farmington NY, you’ll need for the initialization process will differ according to your tub’s size and brand. It is essential to know the quantity of water the hot tub can contain. It is usually possible to discover this information in the manual for users with your hot tub. The owner’s manual also includes suggestions on the amount of water to fill the tub with specific chemicals needed to begin the hot tub.

After filling up your bathtub, you’ll be looking to change your pH level as well as complete alkalinity. You can buy tester strips to aid in balancing the pH and alkalinity. Simply add either the increase of pH or the pH decrease according to the needs until the test strip displays the pH at somewhere between 7.4 to 7.6. The alkalinity must be between 100 and 120 parts per million.

It is essential to adjust your pH before moving on to the next phase of the procedure, which involves adding a sanitiser to the water. If the pH is not balanced, the Sanitiser will not work. If you’re adding chemicals to your water, you’ll need to switch on all the therapy pumps to spread the chemicals evenly across the water.

Sanitizing the Hot Tub

When your hot tub has attained the pH levels and the alkalinity level, it is time to clean your hot tub and water. There are a variety of different kinds of Sanitizers. The most common sanitizers are chlorine bromine salt systems, minerals, and salt. Each kind of Sanitizer has its advantages and drawbacks.


Chlorine is the most widely used sanitizer due to numerous advantages over the other.  If you are finding chemicals for my hot tub in Farmington NY,  chlorine is less expensive than other sanitizers that are not chlorine-based. It’s also manageable, so it is a good choice. It is also an effective chemical that kills bacteria and algae and does well. It is comparable to how effective bleach could be in killing the bacteria present within your home. The drawback to chlorine’s effectiveness is its strong odor associated with it. One of the most commonly-held misconceptions about chlorine is that it smells is caused by chlorine. The smell originates from the waste products known as chloramines. Chloramines are created through oxidation, which occurs when chlorine is used to kilt pollutants by breaking down chemical components. If you detect the strong smell that chloramines emit, you’ll most likely need to add more chlorine to your water since it was involved in the process of oxidation.


The bromine used in the automatic sanitation process is forbidden in some countries and a few countries of the USA. Finding other chemicals for my hot tub in Farmington NY can use up to five times the chemicals needed to work. The chemicals are extremely harsh on the skin and produce a strong smell, and can cause users to require an after-spray shower following their spa. They can remain in the water for longer periods of time before they are destroyed, and you’ll need to be patient to check the water’s levels. Be cautious not to overuse bromine while sanitizing your tub, as bromine is a contaminant that can accumulate over time. Bromine also burns away faster in the heat because it’s unstable. Thus, choosing the chlorine sanitizer to use in an outdoor tub could be more efficient.


Mineral sanitizers employ either bacteriacide (silver) or an algaecide (copper) to cleanse your hot tub. The use of a mineral-based cleanser allows the use of less chlorine, which means the hot tub will be less abrasive to your skin. But, mineral-based sanitizers aren’t able to effectively clean your hot tub all on their own. You’ll need to add at least chlorine if you wish to effectively clean your hot spa. Minerals aren’t expensive; however, if you consider that you’ll need to buy chlorine, the cost might be higher. It is possible to eliminate the unpleasant odor that chlorine produces when using minerals since there will be very little chlorine. Minerals can also be managed easily. They come pre-packaged in a dosing stick. All you need to do is add the stick to your filter and replace it every three to four months.

A brand new hot tub is a thrilling experience for the majority of people who purchase it. The best method to ensure the safety of yourself as well as your guests and your hot tub itself is to apply an increase of pH and pH decrease. As well as the removal of metal (if you are using bore water), calcium hardness, and a sanitizer type when you are preparing your hot tub, it’s the first time.

Typical household items that can be used instead of chemicals

Diluted vinegar

Mix vinegar and water in an aerosol bottle and allow it to rest for about 15 minutes. Then, wash the tub thoroughly.

Clean up any dirty areas, such as white water lines, as well as the organic material that has gotten stuck. Repeat the procedure using the vinegar solution.

You can also wash the surface of your spa covers using an alcohol and vinegar solution. This solution is also helpful in cleaning algae that have accumulated on the corners of your hot spa.

Baking soda

It acts as a soft abrasive that is able to remove stains and scum. Make a paste using baking soda and a moist cloth. Make use of a damp fabric to lightly rub it until it’s completely gone. Rinse using water.

Olive oil

Pool gunks can be cleaned up by using olive oil. Pour some olive oil on the rag, and rub it until it disintegrates. To ensure that the oil does not enter your hot tub’s water, and damage the filter, wash it off using moderate soap, water, and mild detergent.

In a nutshell

Hopefully this article about what chemicals are best for your pool steps gave you a better understanding. Before using any product or discovering any chemicals for my hot spa Farmington, NY, Backyard Masters would suggest you speak with an expert in pool maintenance or contact a neighbor who has an outdoor pool.

We can also assist with any questions you have about your pool or the accessories. Backyard Masters has everything you require to have in Farmington, NY. We offer everything from hot tubs to swimming spas and the right equipment for chemical equipment. We have everything.