Backyard Masters installs pools, spas, and outdoor structures such as pergolas and pavilions to enhance your backyard experience. The company offers the installation of above-ground pools, in-ground pools and semi-inground pools in Long Island, New York. Stealth pools is one of four types of pools and can be one of the best quality pools for your home. It can be installed for in-ground pools or semi-inground pools in Long Island, New York.

First, you must know the differences in the three main types of pools that Backyard Masters offers to its customers.

Above-ground pools

Just as it sounds, above-ground pools are a round or oval-shaped pool structure that sits on top of the ground. They are generally quicker to install and cheaper than in-ground pool options.

The benefits of above ground pools include:

  • It takes one to three days to install
  • The cost of installation is much less compared to an in-ground pool
  • They are easier to take down if you ever decide you don’t want one anymore
  • You can re-sell your above ground pool

The disadvantages of above ground pools include:

  • They generally don’t look aesthetically pleasing as in-ground pools do
  • They don’t add value to your property if you ever sell, and possibly lower the value and turn potential buyers away
  • The options for features surrounding the pool are limited opposed to when having an in-ground pool
  • They aren’t as durable; therefore, they don’t last as long as in-ground pools can

Semi-in ground pools

semi inground pools in long island ny

Semi-inground pools combine the benefits of an above-ground and in-ground pool. They are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional above-ground pools because you can add features such as decking or pavers to bring attention to the pool.

The benefits of semi-inground pools include:

  • You can use the above-ground portion of the pool for a variety of features such as bar space, waterfalls and additional entry points
  • It takes less time to install compared to a completely emerged in-ground pool
  • It is more aesthetically pleasing than an above-ground pool
  • They can last for one to two decades as long as it is maintained properly

The disadvantages of semi-inground pools include:

  • You need to keep the raised walls of your pool maintained 
  • You may experience a higher temperature due to the partially raised walls trapping in the heat
  • It can cost more to install and add aesthetic features around it

In-ground pools

In-ground pools are a round or oval-shaped pool structure that sits completely into the ground. It can be a convenient choice for summer pool parties as people can sit around the side of the pool. 

The benefits of in-ground pools include:

  • Better quality than an in-ground pool
  • Raises the value of your home if you choose to sell in the future
  • Aesthetically pleasing

The disadvantages of in-ground pools include:

  • Takes up yard space. This can be especially displeasing if it’s a small yard
  • Can’t just take it down during the offseason
  • The cost of installation, materials and maintenance can be higher compared to above-ground pools
  • Children are at a higher risk of falling in

When debating on what type of pool to install in your yard, weigh your options of how long you are going to live at the property and how much you’re willing to spend. Backyard Masters can help you choose the best pool for you that will allow for the best outside entertainment and enjoyment for you, your family and friends.

Another factor that goes into choosing what pool to get is what material to use. You need to consider the price and quality of material in addition to what type of pool you’ve chosen out of the three.

What are the different types of pool structure material?

Any of the four materials can be used on above-ground pools, in-ground pools, and semi-inground pools in Long Island, New York.

  1. Stealth pools

Stealth pools are made of strong and reliable lightweight material — stainless steel — that won’t crack, delaminate, peel, discolor, corrode or leak. It is the most expensive type of pool structure because of its rust resistance and durability. It can be finished with tiles such as ceramic, stone veneers, or glass mosaic so you don’t feel like you are floating in a plain stainless-steel tray. 

  1. Concrete pools

Concrete pools are durable and can be formed into whatever shape you wish but can be pricey to install. This is a material that attracts algae, so it requires the extensive use of chemicals to keep it maintained. The installation takes time, so you may want to start the process in the offseason for it to be ready in the summer. The concrete also needs to be resurfaced every 10 years.

  1. Vinyl liner pools

Vinyl is a smooth material that does not attract algae, so it comes with a reduced need for chemicals. Although the installation process of vinyl liner pools can be messy, it is a cheap and quick process. The downfall to this type of material is it needs to be replaced every five years or sooner if it gets punctured.

  1. Fiberglass pools

The cheapest pool maintenance option is fiberglass. The material is as durable as concrete, but the smooth finish doesn’t attract algae, so you don’t need to use as many chemicals to keep it maintained. There is no need to replace the coating; however, you may still need to do a resurfacing in the case of cracks or fade in color.

Backyard Masters can help install semi-inground pools in Long Island, New York, along with the other types of pools. The sole purpose of their company is to reduce the costs of products by purchasing directly from the manufacturer because it enables stores, like Backyard Masers, to sell its customers innovative, quality products at lower prices.

How does the cost vary?

semi inground pools in long island ny

When it comes to the cost of installing a pool, you need to take into consideration how big the pool is (which affects how much water is used) and what type you intend to install, and what material you choose.

An above-ground pool can cost anywhere from $800-$4,500. The cost of an in-ground pool varies anywhere from $45,000-$65,000 for a basic installation and equipment package. The cost of a semi-inground pool varies from $6,800-$25,000.

When it comes to the cost of maintenance, it will depend on how much water it takes to fill up, how much electricity is used for circulation, the renovation, and the chemical use.

Concrete pools have a considerable amount of algae growth, meaning it will take more chemicals to maintain the functionality and cleanliness of the pool. It will take the most electrical usage because it circulates 10 hours per day. It needs to be resurfaced every 5-10 years. The estimated 10-year maintenance cost is $16,000.

Fiberglass pools are algae resistant, so it takes minimal chemical usage to maintain. The electrical usage is lower than fiberglass and vinyl because it circulates 4-6 hours per day. You will not need to do any renovations to it like re-surfacing. The estimated 10-year maintenance cost is $4,500.

Vinyl liner does not attract algae, so the chemical usage is average. The electrical usage averages between the fiberglass and concrete; it circulates 6-8 hours per day. The liners need to be replaced every 7-9 years. The estimated 10-year maintenance cost is $11,000. 

Stealth material for pools costs the most because it is the most durable and has high chemical resistance.

Each material and type of pool comes with its advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, you will need to decide which ones outweigh each other to decide the best fit for you and your yard. The cheaper option may be satisfactory if you don’t plan to have it long-term, but it may be less appealing for those who want a pool for the next couple of decades.

The price for installation will vary depending on what company you hire to do the labor. The initial cost will entail labor and material costs and any additional costs for features if you choose to add them.

If you want a cheaper option, like an above-ground pool, you can then choose a more durable material, like stealth, then you can send less on a pool for your family but get good quality at the same time. You may want to choose a semi-inground pool if you want an “in-between” pool because you can get benefits of the above-ground pool but also benefits of the in-ground pool. 

The entirely submerged in-ground pool is a great option if you have the money to invest in it and if you plan on being at your property long-term. It can be a good option even if you are looking to move eventually but want to increase the value of your home. Being as semi-inground pools have the benefits of both an above-ground pool and in-ground pool, it is seen as a popular choice. You can visit Backyard Masters’ website to get a quote on semi-inground pools in Long Island, New York.