In this article we address “steel wall pools” and how they have evolved and relate to both Above Ground Pools and Stealth Semi-Inground Pools.

These days materials and construction methods push the age of these pools out to forty years or longer with proper maintenance. The history surrounding the above ground swimming pool reveals it to be a part fad and middle-class dream. Indeed, the name evokes nostalgia for some people because they remember a relative or a friend who had one of these pools. The above-ground swimming pool is about a century old.

Those first pools didn’t last long because they couldn’t leave them out in the elements. Construction materials weren’t as advanced as they are now. It wasn’t until mass consumerism pushed manufacturers to make better pools that they started lasting much longer than ten years. Today’s semi-inground stealth pools can last many decades with proper maintenance.

Lack of Modern Construction Material

Manufacturers of the earlier twentieth century didn’t have the best raw materials for the mass production of above-ground swimming pools. World War Two led to the development of better construction materials for all kinds of gadgets and tools. The invention of plastics and better pool linings advanced above-ground swimming pool technology enough that Americans started believing they could own a pool.

Affordable Luxury from a Catalog

In the fifties, the developing American middle class started using technology to live like rich people without the huge price tags the wealthy pay. Above-ground swimming pools were large backyard luxury items that families bought from catalogs and erected in an afternoon. They weren’t meant to last long, maybe a season or two in harsh climates.

Fortunately, modern construction technology and building materials make semi-inground pools a practical solution for homeowners that can’t afford the construction costs of building an in-ground pool. Today, the best above-ground swimming pool manufacturers highlight decades of use and limited manufacturers’ warranties for as long as sixty years. Stealth semi-inground pools use this same high grade steel.

Brand Name Value

Atlantic Pools and Doughboy Recreational are two top producers of above-ground swimming pools. Name brands are essential to buying an above-ground swimming pool because they require professional installation. A name-brand pool installed by experts and maintained according to the warranty gives a homeowner decades of use.

Stealth Semi-Inground Pools


Three Things To Look For When Shopping For A Steel Wall Pool

The frame, lining, and filtration system should be trusted brands when you shop for an above-ground swimming pool. If any of the three is low quality, the others suffer. That said, an American-made pool can cost thousands of dollars. The more the pool costs as a unit, the better the quality. The unit includes the frame, lining and filtration system.

The frame, lining, and filtration system should be widely popular so that repair parts are always available.

  1. Hire the Right Contractor

Generally, only construction contractors can access commercial products like above-ground swimming pools. Professional installers buy the products directly from the supplier and install them per the agreement. Often the manufacturer requires special training to install their brand.

It doesn’t make sense to buy an expensive name-brand pool only to have your best friend’s cousin install it at a steep discount. Take the time to research the construction contractors in your area. Local contractors have connections to their communities, so get references. Local above-ground swimming pool installers must have a good work ethic or risk losing money.

  1. Buy the Right Pool

We can’t stress this point enough. Buy your above-ground swimming from a brand like Doughboy. Your local contractor has answers to any questions, including the longevity of pools in your area. Don’t wait until the last minute. If you plan ahead, you’ll find a better value. The best companies evolved with the industry, so technology is always the best. For example, steel-walled above-ground swimming pools should be made from rust-resistant material like stainless steel.

All three parts, the frame, lining, and filtration system, should withstand winter weather.

  1. Always Follow Warranty Instructions

Above-ground swimming pools are investments homeowners add to their backyards. The best ones come as part of a larger construction job, including decks. If you don’t follow the pool’s warranty, the deck will outlast the pool, and your backyard vision is not permanent.

Above-Ground Pools versus Traditional Backyard Pools

Modern above-ground pools are technological wonders of space-saving utility. Small backyards are ideal because you can add extras like water features, led lighting, custom-designed decks and seating areas. Today’s homeowners can design and construct entertaining backyard areas that last a lifetime.

Stealth Semi-Inground Pools versus Traditional Backyard Pools

Our Long Island Semi-Inground Pools can be built in 2 days. They have an almost identical makeup as a traditional pool with the exception of a sand bottom and steel walls (Although many ‘traditional pools’ have steel walls). Stealth pools are extremely versatile. Depending on your property and pool design needs, a Stealth pool can be installed one of three ways: above ground, semi-inground and full inground. You get to decide what works best for your New York outdoor living space and budget. Most importantly our semi-inground pools have a price tag that is closer to that of an above ground pool.

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