We know that you want to build a backyard oasis for your family and friends, which is why you aim to have the best pool. While you are searching for pool companies near me, there can be multiple options promising you to provide the best possible services, but you need to perform your due diligence to find a company that fits your needs the best. 

With Backyard Masters, all your troubles of finding the right service provider will be at bay because we are here to help you with finding the ideal pool company who will build an excellent pool at your home. 

Pools are a significant investment and require a lot of skill to construct. You want to ensure that you hire pool builders who are trustworthy, competent, and highly recommended. You want someone who will complete the job quickly and not leave the business.

Are you worried about hiring the right contractor to build your swimming pool? These ten warning signs for pool companies near me could indicate that you might be dealing with an insolvent or unskilled pool builder. 

Huge Down Payment

The minimum down payment required for most projects is 10%. While some reputable companies might require a down payment of up to 20% before they start work, the ideal yet standard norm is 10%. A higher upfront payment could indicate poor cash flow or a failing business which you should take care of beforehanf. Contractors who ask for high down payments may not have enough cash to pay subcontractors and employees.

Big Up-Front Draws

According to the project’s timeframe, you should pay the pool builders a reasonable amount. Half of the cost of a pool should be paid before the pool is completed. Considering the pool companies near me, designers are asking for 40% to dig the pool and 40% to lay concrete. If they do less than 80% of their work, you would be required to pay 80%. You can lose a lot of money if your business fails to succeed.

Tiny Final Draw

Another bad sign is a low payment at project completion. A financial incentive should be given to pool contractors to complete the project. If there is a dispute with the contractor or any other setback, they won’t lose much even if the job is never finished. Builders who are willing to accept a minimum 10% final draw should be considered.  

Signing a Quick Contract

Pool Companies near me

Be cautious if the pool builder asks you to sign the contract at the first meeting. It does not necessarily mean that the builder will be a risky option, but it could make things more difficult. It is essential to be aware of this. You don’t want to feel pressured by a builder.

Unreliable And Discourteous Behavior

Everybody has to be late or have personal emergencies from time to time. It’s not a good business practice if a contractor is late for an appointment or misses sales calls. It can take weeks to build a pool and even months. Make sure you choose a company you are able to work with. 

New on the Scene

Each company must start somewhere. Being a pool builder is not necessarily a bad sign. Many pool companies near me fail in the first year of their existence. If possible, choose a company that has been in business for at least five years to reduce financial risk. However, if a company’s only problem is being new, do not dismiss them immediately. Remember that there is a big difference between being in the business for 10 and being in THE BOARD for ten years. Contractors forced to go under often resurface as new names and claim to have been in pool business for longer than the company. They can go out of business again if they have been in business before. It’s not always easy to be a great pool builder while also being a great businessman.

Unresolved Complaints

If you consider hiring any pool companies near me, be sure to review any reviews online and check the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) rating. One or two negative reviews might be acceptable. You should check the responses to customer complaints and be aware of any unresolved issues or disputes. You might consider looking for another pool contractor if you find many negative reviews or lack of resolutions to customer problems. Remember that 20 pools are built each year, so a few complaints against a company building 200 pools is not the same as 20 pools.

Pool Builders, Who Can Start Right Away

Although it sounds great to have a pool contractor that can immediately start a project, don’t get too excited. Not only do the best builders have satisfied clients but also a full schedule of current clients. If you are unable to get started immediately, likely, there are not enough ongoing projects. They may also be overburdening themselves because they are desperate to make money. These two scenarios should be enough to warn you to tread carefully. It is often a sign that the builder has the resources and staff to manage seasonality and projects. A combination of a low price and the ability to begin immediately is the worst combination.

No References

A pool contractor should give you a list of past clients that have consented to be contacted for a recommendation. Although it is rare for pool companies near me to give past clients names, celebrities are not uncommon. If they cannot give you the names of happy customers and don’t know why, this could be a sign that the business is relatively new.

If your pool contractor is willing to give you a list of past clients as a recommendation, it is a sign that they are highly qualified. Ask about the number of swimming pools that they have built since they started the business, and the number of swimming pools they installed in the past year. 

After you have the numbers of pools they have built in the last year, ask them how many references they can give from this list. This could indicate poor customer satisfaction if the number of references they are willing to provide is significantly less than the total projects they have completed in the last year.

Ask the homeowners about their experiences with the pool contractor. Ask the homeowners if would like hire the contractor again and if they would recommend the contractor to family members and friends. Ask about the contractor’s approach to overcoming obstacles and quality control. Also, ask about the timeline and milestones.

A tip that may help you: 

Pool Companies near me

Ask your pool builder how much work they have completed in the past year. 

Ask for a list of references that you can reach. A lower number of contacts than completed projects is a sign of low satisfaction.

This applies to all subcontractors that the pool builder might work with. It is essential to ensure that all companies involved in the construction of your pool are reliable and solvent. 

You should have enough information about the network of subcontractors when choosing a pool company. Don’t put too much faith in references. You shouldn’t rely too heavily on references, even if a builder has many satisfied clients.

Poor Communication

It’s common to have many questions when choosing a pool contractor. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and evaluate the contractor on how they answer them. Consider switching to a different pool builder if the contractor fails to answer all your questions or is rude, impatient, or otherwise unprofessional.

Know About Your Rights

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) a customer’s contract is not binding until it has been signed by an official of the company. The terms can also be changed. BBB advises potential customers to be aware that if they sign a contract at a builder’s business, but don’t finance the pool, there may not be a three-day cooling off period or rescission. Although the finance contract includes a three-day rescission period, it does not affect the pool contract. Customers who wish to cancel the contract could have to pay up to $1500 in penalty.


Backyard Masters hopes that this blog post about what to look for in pool companies will help you understand the steps and give you more information about each. Before using any product or trying out a new company to build your pool, we recommend you consult a pool professional or reach out to your friend who owns a pool. 

We will also help you with any questions about your pool or its accessories. Backyard Masters has everything you need in Long Island, NY. We have everything from hot tubs, swim spas, and correct tools to chemical accessories. We have it all.