Times may be tough for most, but the pool-building boom shows no sign of slowing as many people opt to upgrade their homes rather than move to a new property or take a vacation. However, with the increased demand, prices are being pushed up, as are lead times. So, if you’re looking for a pool for your backyard that won’t cost a small fortune, and won’t keep you waiting for months, what are your options? Well, for the price and speed of manufacture and installation, a stealth semi-inground pool is an excellent option.

What is a Stealth Semi-Inground Pool?

A stealth semi-inground pool combines the best features of an above-ground pool and a fully inground pool. They can be sunk into the ground by up to three-quarters of their depth and then surrounded with a setting of your choice, giving the look of a fully inground pool. You might want to add some decking or paneling to surround your stealth semi-inground pool or perhaps paving. You could even include a bar, some waterfalls or extra entry points. You also can completely install the pool in the ground for only hundreds more.

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Why are Stealth Semi-Inground Pools so Popular?

Long Island semi-inground pools are becoming hugely popular, but you might still be wondering why that is and why there is so much buzz around them in the home-improvement/pool building world. So here are a few reasons why you might want to consider one for your Kansas City, MO backyard.

Fast, Easy Installation

When you have a traditional inground pool installed, there’s a lot of work involved. Even if your yard is level, there’s a lot of digging to do and then preparation of the ground, and this can take weeks! If your yard isn’t level, it takes even longer to level the ground. With a stealth semi-inground pool, there’s nowhere near as much digging to do and, as some of it is above ground in any case, your yard doesn’t need to be completely flat; you can do that by surrounding it with level decking, stone, or other features. Your new stealth semi-inground pool can be installed in a couple of days without causing huge disruption around your backyard. Another reason these pools require less digging is because on average they are 5 feet deep and flat the entire pool area. This makes the entire pool usable for standing and relaxing.

Excellent Durability

Unlike traditional inground or Long Island above ground pools, where tiles can become damaged or a plastic bottom easily damaged, stealth semi-inground pools have superb durability. They are manufactured from chemical and UV-resistant steel which is impact resistant, can withstand the high pressures you find at the bottom of a deep pool — and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

They Fit With a Multitude of Looks

When you look out onto an above-ground pool, it’s not particularly pleasing to the eye as it looms above your yard, and there’s not much you can do to change it. However, with a stealth semi-inground pool, you can surround it with your choice of decking or paneling that fits with the look of your home and yard. You can stick with standard wood decking if that suits you. Alternatively, you can pour concrete around and have it tiled to look more like a traditional, fully inground pool. The choice is yours, and there are plenty of options, including completely burying the pool.

Reduced Leadtime

When you order a stealth semi-inground pool, it can arrive on your property in as little as five weeks. Of course, this can vary depending on availability in your location. You should also check with your local homeowner’s association first as they may have lengthy approval processes.

Cost Effective

When compared to a fully inground pool, a stealth semi-inground pool is much more affordable. So you’ll have plenty of spare cash to use on getting the best furniture around your pool and maybe even a new BBQ and outdoor bar too!

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Are There any Disadvantages to Having a Stealth Semi-Inground Pool?

Of course, every option has its drawbacks, and there are a couple you should know about when purchasing a new stealth semi-inground pool. These include:

  • The raised walls of your pool will require regular maintenance
  • Water temperatures may rise a bit higher during the summer due to the partially-raised walls keeping the heat in.
  • Purchasing and installing extras around the pool may be expensive and cut into your budget.
Stealth Pool built in 2 days and installed completely in the ground. A truly affordable Long Island, New York backyard pool option. The pavers took a little longer!

Stealth Pool built in 2 days and installed completely in the ground. A truly affordable Long Island, New York backyard pool option. The pavers took a little longer!

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Stealth Semi-Inground Pool?

When compared to an above ground pool, a stealth semi-inground pool will be relatively expensive, but it will come in cheaper than a typical inground pool. However, there are a number of factors you will need to take into account when budgeting for your pool. You will need to take into account the size of the pool, what materials are being used and what type you intend to install. As a rough guide, prices come in at:

  • $800 – $4,500 for an above-ground pool
  • $6,800 – $25,000 for a semi-inground pool
  • $45,000-$65,000 for basic installation and equipment for an inground pool

Of course, the equipment and installation costs for your pool are not the end of your expenses; there are ongoing maintenance and repair costs to account for as well. For example, concrete pools are prone to algae growth, and the water needs to be cycled for ten hours each day. Your estimated maintenance and power costs for this over a ten-year period would be around $16,000. On the other hand, a fiberglass pool is less prone to algae growth and only requires four to six hours of cycling each day. This means that your ten-year maintenance cost would be considerably less at $4,500. The cost of maintaining your stainless steel semi-inground pool will be cheaper still as algae does not like to grow on this type of material.

Is a Stealth Semi-Inground Pool Suitable on my Property?

A stealth semi-inground pool isn’t the right fit for everyone. As we mentioned above, it has its advantages and disadvantages, sitting comfortably in the market between above-ground pools and inground ones. The answer to whether one is suitable for you will depend on your budget, the space you have available and how you want it to look. So why not talk to a Long Island pool specialist today and discuss what will work for you?