Backyard Masters offers Long Island residents ample options of spas to display in their backyards. One option is a SunMaster spa. Backyard Masters can assist you in installing SunMaster spas in Long Island, New York.

SunMaster Spas

Owning SunMaster Spas in Long Island, New York is a great choice because it offers everything a spa owner desires. It has ample room and first-class amenities, high-performance equipment, and a wide variety of jets.

The 764L seats 6, has 64 jets and measures 84 x 90 x 37 inches.

The 740B seats 6, has 40 jets and measures 87 x 87x 37 inches.

The 112L seats 8, has 112 jets and measures 110 x 87 x 37 inches.

SunMaster spas have up to double the number of jets than other types of spas have, which allows for more power coming from the jets, leading to a more powerful massage.

What are other types of spas?

  • Artesian spas
    • These spas range from 3-9 seats and 21-71 jets
  • Wellis spas
    • These spas range from 3-7 seats and 36-78 jets
  • Bahama spas
    • These spas range from 3-7 seats and 36-77 jets
  • Innova spas
    • The Fiji seats 4-5, has 20 jets and measures 78 x 74 x 32 inches
    • The Bali seats 5, has 32 jets and measures 78 x 82 x 34 inches
  • Swim spas

Swim spas and hot tubs give you different benefits, depending on what your desire is.

SunMaster Spas in Long Island New York

Advantages of a hot tub

  • Target health and wellness and relaxation
  • Warm water promotes better quality sleep
  • Allows for hydrotherapy

The costs of each type of spa and the installation will vary depending on what material you want and who you choose to install it. Backyard Masters allows you to fill out a form to get a quote for SunMaster spas in Long Island, New York.

Disadvantages of a hot tub

  • Increased risk of heat stress (if the temperature is too high and if you stay in for too long)
  • Potential infection risks if it is not cleaned properly
  • Cost of electricity and filling with water

What is a swim spa?

Purchasing a swim spa gets you the best of two worlds: A swimming pool and a spa. You can exercise in it like a pool because the jet system creates a water current that you can swim against. You can move around and get your exercise without needing a large space. You also get the relaxing spa experience from the hot tub jets.

If your intent is to use it as an exercise pool, make sure to opt for the biggest size.

Unlike pools, you can use swim spas year-round. The temperature adjusts upward for the wintertime or cooler for a pool experience in the summertime. 

What types of swim spas exist?

  1. Modular designs are the most flexible where they can easily be transported through a doorway, so you can install them inside if you wish.
  1. Self-contained acrylic shells are similar to ordinary hot tubs because they are portable, and you can move them to different locations if you need to. All the equipment is built inside the swim spa as an ordinary hot tub is.
  1. Molded acrylic shells are pre-made shells that you can place inside your deck and add landscaping around it. You can even install the filter, pumps and heater in another location.
  1. Fiberglass composite shells are also placed inside your deck; however, you can install it above ground, partially above ground or below ground. The construction is also different; they are composed of fiberglass, resin, and balsa wood, then the final shell is covered with a gel coat.

The sizes of swim spas include:

  • Small: 10-11 feet
  • Medium: 12-16 feet
  • Large: 17-18 feet
  • Extra-large: 19-21 feet

Advantages of a swim spa

  • Requires less space in the yard 
  • Quick to install
  • Ideal for athletic enthusiasts
  • Combines exercise and relaxation

Disadvantages of a swim spa

  • Higher electricity and heating costs
  • Aesthetically inferior to a normal swimming pool
  • Not suitable for a big crowd
  • The athletic swimming experience may feel less authentic

Depending on your purpose of purchasing a swim spa, you may view the advantages as disadvantages or vice versa. For example, you may not like having less space to swim if you like the atmosphere of a big swimming pool more. You also may not need all the space for a big crowd, you may need just enough to have fun with your family and not expect to need more than that. 

Weighing your pros and cons will help you decide if a swim spa or a normal hot tub spa is best for you. You then want to investigate the different types of hot tub spas and decide if SunMaster Spas in Long Island, New York is for you. Once you have decided on a spa, it’s important to properly clean your spa.

How to maintain your spa

SunMaster Spas in Long Island New York

Test and apply chemicals to your spa

  1. Use test strips to check the chemical levels, and adjust if needed, in your spa 1-2 times per week. Put the strip in your spa for 15 seconds and view the results.
  1. When you need to adjust the chemical levels in your hot tub, only add one chemical at a time, then wait two hours before adding another one. This allows the chemicals to disperse on their own before another one is added. You also minimize the risk of a chemical reaction by adding one at a time. Keep your spa cover off for at least 15 minutes after you add the chemicals and keep the water running when you add the chemicals to help mix it with the water.
  1. A well-balanced spa should be between 80 and 120 PPM in total alkalinity. If it goes above 120, you should add sodium bisulfate, and if it goes below 80, add sodium bicarbonate. Recheck the levels after a few hours.
  1. Sanitize your hot tub with chlorine or bromine. People typically use chlorine to sanitize, but bromine has been found to be less harsh. Put 2 tablespoons of chlorine into your spa water every other day as recommended so the chlorine level stays between 1.5 and 3 PPM. The bromine level should stay between 3 and 5 PPM. Be sure to not over-sanitize your spa.
  1. Maintain the calcium hardness in your spa. If your spa has too much calcium hardness, scales will form in your spa. If your spa does not have enough calcium hardness, the water will start to draw minerals from other sources like your equipment. You will either want to use a spa defender product to protect the scales or use a calcium booster to balance the hardness in your spa. Calcium hardness should stay between 100 and 250 PPM with an acrylic finish or 250 and 450 PPM with a plaster finish.
  1. The last chemical level you want to check is the pH level. The pH should stay between 7.2 and 7.8. If the pH is not within this range, stabilize the alkalinity and make sure your chlorine and bromine level is correct. If the pH is still off, add bicarbonate or sodium bisulfate or a pH balance product to your spa to fix the pH level.
  1. You will need to put an odorizer into the water once a week to “shock” your spa. Odorizers kill the bather waste in your spa to keep the water clean.

Cleaning your filter and cover

  1. Clean your filter every two weeks. Take the cartridge out of the filter and clean it by running water from a hose over the cartridge and filter. Let it air dry before putting it back. Replace the filter if it becomes damaged or has stopped working. You’ll know it’s broken if the filter gets dirty quickly after you’ve cleaned it.
  1. Use a filter cleaner to clean your filter every 3-4 months. Every time you replace the water in your tub, use the cleanser on your filter. Once you’ve cleaned the filter following the directions in step one, soak it in the solution overnight following the instructions on the cleanser. Let it dry completely before putting it back.
  1. Clean your hot tub cover once a month. If you have an acrylic cover, you can use a gentle purpose cleaner or a soft rag to clean it. Do not use dish soaps or detergents to clean vinyl covers.
  1. If you have a vinyl cover, condition it once a month during the summertime and 3-4 months through the year. Conditioning the cover protects it against UV rays that cause the cover to crack. It will also protect the cover against mildew, which can damage the cover. Do not use conditioning products on the inside of your hot tub cover. Make sure the cover is clean and dry before conditioning it. Spray a coat of vinyl conditioner on the top and skirt of your cover, then use a soft sponge to condition the cover and remove stains.

Backyard Masters can help you with any installations or questions regarding SunMaster Spas in Long Island, New York. They offer installations for other types of hot tubs and swim spas that have various sizes and numbers of jets to satisfy your desire for a spa.